Brew It….And They Will Come

The company I work for has provided free coffee to its employees for a very long time, so those of us who are unabashedly addicted sometimes probably take for granted this kind corporate gesture.

Brew it...and they will comeThe unwritten rule has always been that the first person who walks in the door with a unmanageable hankering for java usually feels obliged to brew the first pot. But this dynamic has changed ever since I took over the break room operations. Now that our once standard employee kitchen has been transformed into a healthy micro-market, ideas about who should make the coffee (at least the initial pot of the day) seems to have shifted somewhat, even though the coffee is still free to all employees.

I think that because we now have a break room environment that is being serviced, there is this idea that the coffee should be managed by the same entity (me, the break room operator) that stocks the space with pay-for items. I’ve also noticed that break room activity hovers at a bare minimum until the smell of fresh (and particularly dark) coffee is wafting about.

Brew it….and they will come.


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Father of 2 great boys, interaction designer, doodler, student of life.
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