Reflections on Preparing an Order

It’s 8:15 a.m. on Sunday morning, November 17, and I turn 45 on Tuesday. My folks are in town to treat me to celebrate with my family and me. They treated us to supper Friday and Saturday night, and we’re probably going to meet up for brunch late morning today.

I have the KeHE Gourmet web site opened in another tab because I need to start building an order for the ECRS employee break room so that I can place it tomorrow morning before noon, which ensures I’ll receive it before next weekend.

However, I’m still using the thick-client version of Catapult, which means creating a Purchase Order (PO) in the system from my home-based remote workstation (an IBM laptop) is not a viable option, because the data is all hosted on a server at the office. I’m due to have QA upgrade me to Catapult 5.3 on Monday, which includes our new web-based back office management module, which we’re calling Catapult Office Everywhere (COE), because you can access it everywhere you have a browser, an internet connection, and the proper credentials. This will give me the real

It will also give me LoyaltyBot, which I’ll test for/with QA using our employees as subjects. COE also give me a ton of other great new features that I don’t have time to elaborate on right now. Suffice it to say that COE will make my life as a vending/retail operator much more pleasant and efficient, which is always a good thing.


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