It’s About Tine: Forks For Fishes

When I took over the Food For Thought break room, several of my co-workers reminded me to be sure and keep plenty of sardines in stock. Like me, they loved the fishy deliciousness of Wild Plant brand sardines, either in lemon or in marinara sauce. So I obliged, and included a case of each in the first order I placed by myself.

It's About Tine!Interestingly, they hardly sold at all. Except for the occasional pack I bought, no one seemed to be giving them any notice. I tried to draw attention to them by creating a promotion for 20% off if you purchased them in combination with Annie’s saltine crackers. But that had virtually zero impact on their movement. Then I moved them to a more visually prominent location on the dry goods rack, which didn’t help either.

Then our company owner told me in passing one day that I wasn’t going to sell any sardines unless I provide plastic forks to eat them with. This had never crossed my mind because I keep a metal fork in my desk drawer. I guess I just assumed most everyone else did the same thing, which is apparently not true at all.

So yesterday I borrowed a paper coffee cup from Espresso News, the coffee shop next door, and filled it with plastic forks. Our new office manager showed me where she kept her stash of such things, which was in the same break room where I kept the back stock of dry good for the break room.

I guess I’ll find out soon enough if this actually works. Also, I wonder if there are any other foods or beverages that would benefit from the inclusion of some artifact that I’m currently overlooking? Hmmm…


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Father of 2 great boys, interaction designer, doodler, student of life.
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One Response to It’s About Tine: Forks For Fishes

  1. burtaycock says:

    You’ve gotta be forking kidding me! Putting out the plastic wear tines really caused the sardines to fly off the shelf.

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