Multiple Personality (Dis)Ordering

This morning on the drive into work I realized the old 10% OFF advertisement from last week’s sale was still rotating on kiosk home screen in our employee break room. So, the first thing I needed to do when I arrived at work was take that ad down and put up another one. But what should be this week’s promotion be? Putting a different set of items on sale? Doing some creative combo discounts?

In the midst of my unresolved discount strategy monologue with myself, I nearly missed the turn for the recycling center, but managed to swing in awkwardly, the inertia capsizing one of the tubs of glass bottles in the bed of my truck as I entered the driveway of the sanitation facility.starbucks_frappucino

As I started separating green from brown from clear bottles, I realized that the particular batch I was sorting was from our Food For Thought break room. Friday when I left the office I grabbed a white trash bag full of bottles that my co-workers had been filling up over the course of the week. I noticed that the tops had been removed from all types of bottles, except the Starbucks frappucino bottles. I wondered how I might construct a creative ad and/or email to help remind employees that they need to remove the tops (and rinse their bottles out) before placing the bottles in the recycling bin.

Then I realized that I don’t even stock Starbucks frappucino’s in the Food For Thought break room. Does KeHE even have anything comparable to this particular beverage? This I needed to research and act on when I placed my next order.


About burtaycock

Father of 2 great boys, interaction designer, doodler, student of life.
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