Gearing up for an order…

It’s Thursday morning and it’s time to replenish our Food for Thought employee break room. As I prepare to place the order on Monday morning, several tasty thought morsels cross my mind…

  • Restocking – I need to get in early this morning to pack the shelves full, which always seems to inspire more activity. It’ll also give me a good sense of my back stock quantities. Having inventory in two physical places (back stock and break room) is challenging.
  • Building the Order – I’ll use CATAPULT HHT and a PO worksheet to create the order, which I’ll then review on my laptop before I submit.
  • Shelf Talkers – I gotta find out where to get shelf talkers for both the cooler and the dry goods rack.
  • New Items – I have the latest KeHE catalog and some products I picked up at Expo East that I want to add to this weeks order, so I want to assess the process of getting new items into the system (and printing labels for them, and letting employees know about them, etc) to see where improvements can be made.
  • Promotions – Several slow movers still linger on the shelves in large quantities in the cooler and on the dry shelf, so I’ll drop the price of those permanently using CATAPULT’s Price Change worksheet.
  • Combos – There are several product combinations (such as sardines and coconut water) that I’ll bundle together as promotional combos this week, so they’ll need visual ads that rotate on the kiosk welcome screen.
  • More Fruit – Desperately need more organic apples and oranges. What else?
  • Communication – Employees need a Food for Thought email and intranet post to get them up to speed on what’s happening in their break room.

About burtaycock

Father of 2 great boys, interaction designer, doodler, student of life.
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