Fluctuating Fruit Prices: Apples as Loss Leaders

Last night after I got back to the house after restocking the break room, I emailed our HR guy that we needed to replenish the organic apples and oranges. He’d stocked it with fresh fruit last week for the first time after he’d found some reallyWhat Price Apples great deals at one of our local natural products stores which is right by his house. Our thinking here is that its better to get it locally than through our supplier, but we may need to reconsider.

This morning I had an email from him saying that he’d picked up some more, but that we’d have to raise the prices significantly. Like by about 30%. Not good. How are we going to mitigate this price hike? Do we even need to?

For now we’ve decided to let our fresh organic fruit (primarily apples) be the loss leader for Food For Thought employee break room. If we can break even on apples – or lose only pennies per each – we both agree that this can be the solution for the time being.

This week I will look at our supplier’s fruit offering to determine what other options might be available to us.


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