Setting Up a Dynamic Promotion Using a Store Coupon

I had every intention of putting together another product order when I stopped by the office on this hazy Sunday afternoon. The break room is running low on several popular items (Martinelli sparkling apple juice, Krave beef jerky, Apple & Eve grape juice, Clif peanut butter crunch bars, etc.).

But instead of focusing on replacing these fast movers, I got distracted with the slow movers instead, and with how I should promote them this coming week since I’ll be at NCGA Geekfest in Austin, TX Thursday through Saturday.

Hummus & Chips Combo

I also need to find someone to do the pull-forwards each morning and mid afternoon, but that was a secondary concern that took a back seat to promoting some slow movers. Using CATAPULT’s Dynamic Promotions module (formerly Promotional Combos), I created a combination discount for .50 cents off when you purchase a hummus with any of four different kinds of chips.

But I only wanted this combo discount to be triggered when a customer (who is tracked in the CATAPULT database) is associated with the transaction. To achieve this I created a Store Coupon profile, which I linked on one side to the Dynamic Promotion called “Hummus & Chips Combo Discount,” and to all tracked customers on the other side. I then gave it a start and end date for this coming week, as well as an all-day/every-day active schedule. CATAPULT’s discount distribution feature allowed me to apply 30% of the discount to the lower priced hummus and 70% to the higher priced chips.

I tested the combo to make sure it didn’t fire when there was no customer associated with the sale, and that it did fire when a customer was associated. Then I realized I needed to promote it, so I went out on the web and grabbed product images so I could promote them effectively via email first thing tomorrow morning. I’d post the promotion on our intranet as well. Finally, I needed to create ads to rotate on the home screen of the self-service kiosk, which would be a handy visual reminder for those who don’t read their emails and the company intranet.

Now that our CID (rotating ad media) supports rich media from any URL, perhaps I can single source the ads in these three places as an animated .gif. Hmmm…?


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