Organic Apples & Oranges – But What Else?

Friday morning our HR guy showed up with a bag of fresh organic apples and

Fresh organic fruit for Food For Thought

Pre-washed organic apples and oranges!

oranges for the Food For Thought employee break room. He’d beaten me to it, and I’m glad he did. As the newest additions to the product mix (and our loss leaders) they were a huge hit, and already need replenishing.

We split the different between the cost of the apples and oranges and simply made them all the same price at .95 cents each. Apparently this is a bargain, but I think it’s worth it in terms of providing truly organic whole foods to get employees more interested in the overall offering. Right now I have a yellow post-it note taped to the basket showing price. This means we have to use the non-barcoded menu on the kiosk screen to ring them in. But I’ll soon have the fruit bar-coded so that it can be scanned.

Question: Should I use GS1 Databar codes or just make my own?

I’m going into the office tomorrow to put together my very first order on my own. Expo East in Baltimore last month gave me some great ideas for new products, so I’m going to mix things up a bit with this order. Greek yogurt, hummus/chips combos, a new style of jerky, and perhaps some healthy chewing gum will spice things up a bit.


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